Broken and Made New

I have recently returned from running my second dance retreat (stories from that to come). One of the sessions we looked at how, although we may feel broken before God he can make us new.

On the Saturday morning we took some time outside to connect with creation, to see, hear, touch, smell and feel what God had made. Two of the dancers Lizzie and Julia came across some broken up ground, where the roots below the surface had forced the tarmac to crack and break up. They found a daffodil that needed a new home, and placed it amongst the broken up tarmac.

It was with much excitement when I came along, that they began to tell me about how things were all broken up, but within that there was something new growing and pushing through. It was great to know that God was already working inside each of them, and with much excitement I could tell them, that that was the theme for the mornings session.

God moves in ways we can not see, speaks to people before we know it, and includes everyone necessary on the journey that we need to go on.


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