Creative Prayer


Praying is a natural part of our day, we do it without realising it, but sometimes it’s good to have activities to help us to focus. These activities can be used across the ages and are accessible for all.

Praying, moving, dancing and making are all unique ways to grow closer to God, become stronger in our Faith and seek to see God in all that we do.

He’s Got a Big, Big Heart – Sometimes we need to know how much God carries us in his heart. This is a simple activity that you can do to help with reflection. Read more…


Prayer Jars – One of the things I love about teaching children, is how they soak up information and are keen to try and put it into practice. Our children’s workshops are as much about dancing as they are about finding creative ways to pray and continue the prayers once home. A great way to do this is with prayer jars. Read more…


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