God is Here

During our 2018 Dance Worship Weekend we gradually built up a group dance throughout each session. When you gather a group of people with a range of abilities, experiences and skills it’s a challenge to keep everyone engaged and offer opportunities for further learning for those that are more advanced.

God is Here formed what we called our Welcome Movement Sequence, during each session at the beginning we would recap, then add another section of movement on. The idea came as I knew there would be people who had had no experience of dance and others that had been dancing for years. Using the song I equipped the dancers with ideas and movements for use during that particular session. This is how I did it –

Session One – Introduction to getting moving and warming up. Sometimes the very idea of starting to move can be scary for some people. This first section was about building up the use of different body parts, warming them up and allowing the dancers body to ‘settle’ into the movements.

Session Two – The use of levels. Demonstration of movements which were low (at, or along ground level), medium (normal standing level) or high (above the waist or reaching upwards). There were adaptations for those that found going on the floor difficult.

Session Three – Travelling. Travelling is really important as it allows opportunities to link movements or sections together. This was quite a fast paced part of the dance, that encouraged dancers to explore the whole space and fast and slow aspects of travelling.

Session Four – Practise it altogether. At the beginning of our final session, it was just a chance to draw together all the different elements that had been learnt, have fun and do the whole dance together as a complete entity.

As well as wanting the dance to encompass some of the movements that we may cover later in each of the sessions. I wanted the song to be an encouragement as we began to explore and go on our journey with God, to recognise that He was there. Right there with us dancing. So the dance was as much about learning skills to build your own set of movements, as it was to grasp hold of the fact that God was there and moving with us.

It’s such an important phrase to remember, especially if your having a bad day. God is Here, He is Here and He is Able, able to carry you through whatever is going on, just let Jesus be revealed!

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