My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness

Since the beginning of the year I have given myself a challenge to write something that I am thankful for each day and keep a record of it. Easier said than done, I’ll have a period of several weeks where I write it down everyday and then I’ll miss a day and have to catch up a week. It would be easy to just omit the days that I hadn’t done, but part of my reason for doing it was to be ‘active’ in my thankfulness. To see the journey that I go on throughout the year. Some days it’s just one word I put, other days its a whole paragraph.

Back in January during the dance weekend, 3 of us were due to share a dance with those that were there. God had different plans, so we didn’t get that far. However, I now want to share it with you. Our heart behind the dance was to demonstrate how thankful we are at the way God works in our lives and for all Jesus did.

Do you program pauses into your day? Moments to take a breath, wake up, thank God, see God, hear from God? Do you have every intention of doing it but not actually get that far? Or feel that what you have done is not enough? Whatever size your interaction with God may have been that day. God still LOVES it! He might yearn for you to be more in His presence as He loves you so much. But that small snippet that you gave Him He will treasure.

Kneeling at the cross can be so hard, but Jesus died for us and that would have been harder than we can ever imagine. Getting down on our knees and saying thank you, is just a small thing that we can do.

Take some time out and watch the video. Think about how your week has been, where has God been in it? Are there things from your week that you need to be ‘active’ in your thanks. Voice it, write it down, photograph it, just acknowledge it.

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