As a teacher you have opportunity to pass on a legacy, to make a mark with those that you are teaching. I use the medium of dance and faith and pursue to enable, equip, and extend skills and experiences to all generations.

Dance Retreat 2016

God is Here

During our 2018 Dance Worship Weekend we gradually built up a group dance throughout each session. When you gather a group of people with a range of abilities, experiences and skills it’s a challenge to keep everyone engaged and offer opportunities for further learning for those that are more advanced. Read more…


Advent Dance – Faith

Everybody’s journey with God takes a different path, it will begin and end at different places, with different challenges, celebrations and circumstances along the way. Mary and Joseph embarked on a journey to Bethlehem, not knowing what lay at the other end, not aware of the impact the child they were carrying would have on the world, even if they trusted that it was Gods Son. Read more…


Advent Dance – Hope

Over the next four weeks I hope to explore each aspect of the advent Sunday candles, with a small focus and some movement ideas for you to try. The first Sunday of Advent focuses on HOPE. Read More…



The Lord’s Prayer

The Lords Prayer is a set of common words used across the world to pray to God, learn more about him and grow in our faith. As I started to run more and more workshops I recognised that the prayer offered a great opportunity to draw the group together at the beginning and end of a session using movement. Read more.

Every Giant will Fall – dance

In February a group of us gathered together to spend a day dancing, praying and worshipping. It was great to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. During the final part of the day, we learnt a dance together, to celebrate the main theme of the day. That every giant will fall, because God is bigger than them all. Read more.