As a teacher you have opportunity to pass on a legacy, to make a mark with those that you are teaching. I use the medium of dance and faith and pursue to enable, equip, and extend skills and experiences to all generations.

Dance Retreat 2016

The Lord’s Prayer – The Lords Prayer is a set of common words used across the world to pray to God, learn more about him and grow in our faith. As I started to run more and more workshops I recognised that the prayer offered a great opportunity to draw the group together at the beginning and end of a session using movement. Read more.

Every Giant will Fall – dance – In February a group of us gathered together to spend a day dancing, praying and worshipping. It was great to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. During the final part of the day, we learnt a dance together, to celebrate the main theme of the day. That every giant will fall, because God is bigger than them all. Read more.

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